Lipengda Cultural Gifts

About us

Lipengda cultural gifts Co., Ltd. belong to Dongguan Dongrong Silicone Products Co.,Ltd.. "Lipengda" focusing on personal gifts and jewelry,and other silicone products design, development and production and sales. Dongguan Dongrong Silicone Products Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2004,the factory is located in No.7,Longcheng Str.,Xiekeng Industrial Area, Qingxi Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong of China, with its own plant more than 8800 square meters, has a good working environment & modern office  equipment.

We focus on the design, development and produc-tion of high quality, high precision silicone  (Epoxy) series products, gathered a  group of

experienced managers, professional & technical personnel and operations personnel.

More than ten years focused on environmentally safe silicone products, is the industry's first to dispensing process   applied to silicone products manufacturers, has a rich silica (Epoxy) production experience; material selected from the group meets EURO (ROHS) environmental standard FDA / LFGB food-grade silicone.And in 2012 our company became the supplier of Beijing Xiaomi science and technology cooperation. Learn more ......